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Weathering Britains John Deere 3650

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Thought I would start a topic on weathering as it seams to be a growing part of our hobby. Every one has there own methods and favorite product's they like to use so there is no right or wrong way to weather farm machinery its down personal choice.  I hope this topic will help members who would like to start weathering.

Im going to use a Britain's John Deerd 3650

Frist job is to unnbox

I like to strip older tractors down to drity the cabs up. 




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Ill start with the cab. I want it to appear dirty ang griming but not hanging in mud and muck. I use Mig pigment fixer flat finish and P232 Dry mud and industrial city dust pigments.

First I dip a paint bursh in the fixer and then dip in the industrial city dust and dab it on kitchen roll till the pigment acts like paint. Then I paint the pigment mixture on to the cab cladding, seat and side console. It wont look very different the pigment fixer has to dry so dont over do it.




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The engine I wanted to look oily and grim covered as if its been leaking oil. First I used rust effect by modelmates. I love this stuff you can apply light rust  but if you keep building it up it darkens and looks like real rust. Use a small brush and a steady hand to paint it on the manifold




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Next I used Model Mates mud brown translucent weathering liquid. I like using this as its water soluble and doesn't smell like some enamel based weathering washes'. My aim is to use it to dull down the paint work to kill the shine and give the paint work an aged look and let the grime sit in panel lines.

I apply the mud brown with a paint brush all over the skid unit leaving the linkage for some where to hold it.

when dry I dip a cotton bud in water then roll it on kitchen towel to remove excess water. The idea now is to use the cotton bud remove the wash leaving the paint dull and wash still in low spots. Eases to do than explain.




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On ‎29‎/‎11‎/‎2015‎ ‎19‎:‎17‎:‎42, Jordan_coe2012 said:

This really is a great thread to follow. I know what you mean about the smell the stuff I use stinks.  Think I will look into getting some of this stuff instead. 

Thanks I have to be careful what I use as a lot of products effect my asthma and my partner doesn't like the house stinking of enamel fumes ;D

The mud wash is good, no smell and very easy to get off your model just use water if you change your mind.

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I use the Model mates mud brown weathering liquid on the bonnet and cab roof and wings. I apply it to the black cab frame as well to knock the shine off it. Using the same technique with the damp cotton bud to wipe away the liquid when dried.




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Wheels next

using the same mud brown weathering liquid I painted both sides of the wheel rim putting two coats on the outside of the rim.Then using a dampened cotton bud remove as much liquid as you want depending on the amount of mud staining you want.I leave the inside of the rim with the liquid on.





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To weather the tyres i used Tamiya weathering master set A using the mud paste. I wanted the tyres to appear mud stained but not overly mud caked The master set does this well. Use the sponge applicator to apply the paste which goes on easy and is helped by smudging with your finger.




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Next I refitted the wheels. I used a drop of superglue to fix the front hubs over the the wheels screws. Again using the mud brown weathering liquid and damp cotton bud I painted then when dry removed to gain the effect I was after


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looking at a JD 3050 we have for sale I noticed just the top of the exhaust had rusted so using Model Mates rust effects on the exhaust.

I then dry brushed silver on to the cab steps, grab handle and door handle to look like the paint has worn away. To do this I loaded up a paint brush with Citadel ironbreaker paint. I then rub this off on to kitchen towel till there is very little left on the brush which is then applied to the model.





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On ‎09‎/‎12‎/‎2015‎ ‎08‎:‎14‎:‎05, MadMark said:

How long do it take you to weather a model?

It depends on what sort of weathering I want to achieve. I don't do one all at the same time but have a few on the go at once so I can let parts dry ect. Weathering like this JD takes me a few hours but spread out over a week. I can weather a newer tractor which may only need a quick mud effect spray in an hour. All depends in the effect. Ive done 1/16 scale tractors that have taken weeks to do due to the size


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