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Bunting agricultural contracts


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Bunting agri contracts based in Co. Armagh northern Ireland aka apple county. Currently milk 100 and contract around 2500 acres of grass each year and slurry a lot of it as well,  300 acres of our own silagevent.  

Our fleet consists of

1 John deers 6420, 2 6125r, 1 7280r,  2 6930, 1 6210r, 1 8360r, 1 7810, 1 case 1056xl, 1 Ford 7610

Run a class 980 harvester in maize and silage and a John deers 8600i Witch arrived this yearticle

Leibherr shovel for buckraking and contract work and a jcb 310s for yard work

Just jcb digger, new Holland kobelko digger, jcb 801 digger, Thwaites dumper, jcb 3cx

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52 minutes ago, Buntang1690agri said:
17 hours ago, CraigP145 said:

Nice to see you on board jay it's a shame most of ur pics are upside down. But look forward to seeing ur story it's because I'm transfers pictures from my phone to my tablet and they went upside down not sure howhat to fix it.

I have had the same thing happen with some of my pictures in the past ,I worked out that I must hold phone long-ways (not the way you hold it to your ear)  with the button I have to touch on the right of the screen then my pictures have all come out the right way ,it may work for you mine is a Samsung galaxy phone

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25 minutes ago, 0025 said:

who makes the liebherr loading shovel, as it's very good!

It's a revellers easy kit very hard to find Ithe comes with a set of quarry tyres on it but I had this set of 4 wiking 6930 front wheels and decoded to put them on I've very pleased with is for £10 for the kid and then the wheels cost £10 so it's very welittle looking for the price of a 416 and not as commonly seen

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