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My 1:32 conversions

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Siku Claas jaguar. Modifications include; universal hobbies cab, brass handrails, mesh on the top, fire extinguisher, stainless steel mirror bracket and spout rest at the back. Pick up hitch and grass header not made by me but I've added a little extra detail to them.















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Here's a 2002 black chassis TM125 I made. It started life as a Replicagri M160. I cut down the chunky roof on the original model. It's had its cab raised up to allow for cab suspension and proper TM mirrors made for it. A set of 40 series weights have been fitted with a towing pin drilled into them. Two beacons have also been added. I also removed the 60 series door frames from inside the cab.












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Thanks again for all the kind comments.

On 22 January 2016 at 11:45 AM, Luke190 said:

The TM looks great. When you say you cut down the cab roof, can you explain the process you followed and what paint you used for New Holland blue?

Luke, to cut down the roof I use a demel with a cutting disc. I hold the flat part of the disc just touching the main part of the roof and cut in along the seam where the sunroof and roof hatch are attached. Once you've cut right round it this detaches the sunroof and roof hatch from the main part of the blue roof. You can then lay on a bit of sand paper and sand it down some more. Then your ready to glue it back on. This is the best method because it keeps all the fine detail on the top of the roof. I hope this makes sense, if not I can put a picture up to show you.

The paint is a can of new Holland blue from the dealer. 

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On 25 January 2016 at 10:41 AM, Luke190 said:

Thanks for explaining the process. I'm considering having a go although I've never attempted cutting a model down before. If you have photos that would really help! Many thanks

Sorry Luke I didn't take any photos while I was doing this build. I took one tonight to show you where to cut the roof at. It's easier if you take the top off the cab- it just prises off. 


just cut right round the roof like this and keep your hand as steady as possible. 

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