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Very muddy Britains MF 6480

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Frist job is too remove the front wheels by gently pulling the hubs of and undoing the screws. I pulled the rear tyres off their rims. All four tyres where covered in a white dust, may be mold release agent. I washed then in warm water and a drop of washing up liquid





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using mig dark earth pigment and wet effect pigment fixer I mix a thick paste. The wet effect fixer will dry with the dark earth pigment to appear like wet mud. Once I have the paste I want I apply to the cab floor. I apply small amounts to the side of the steering surround and seat suspension as if muddy boots have knocked against them.




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26 minutes ago, Paul Palmer said:

nice work again Ben,was it easy to take the bonnet off,also Ben,do you need to take the bonnet off to tke the cab off?

Thanks paul

The bonnet just lifted of with some care full prying with a small screwdriver at the front it just popped up. Id say the bonnet would have to come off to be able to remove the cab

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20 hours ago, Wayne D said:

Good work, that looks really well.  I'm just starting to try adding weathering effects to some of my models now and step by step guides like these are a great help. Thanks. 

Thank you for the kind words!

There seamed to be lots of guides to weathering trains,tanks and air craft ect but not much for farm models but using similar techniques I hope my guide will help. My best advice is just have a go! Enjoy

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To make the mud mix I used two tea spoon's of normal plaster and half a tea spoon of Mig dark mud pigment. This is then mixed with Mig resin to a paste making sure all the pigment and plaster is mixed together . You could use the mud as is but too add some extra body to it I added about half a tea spoon of fine sand from Games Workshop and mixed it in. Finally three or four drops of gloss varnish was added for that wet look.


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