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mrs tm has been in the shed

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oh no,went out today to get a blade for the mower,and when i came back her in doors was looking very sheepish,took me out to the shed to show me the devestation,had droped the rake which fell onto the bench and broke me mf and loader mid project,so had to do a few revisions to it,but i think it actually looks better now

still havn't found the missing part of the loader,but sure i can re use it at some point



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Good God Sean, you amaze me with your trailers, thinking along the lines of placing an order but I have spent alot recentley  :( 

What a shame about the loader but only you could re-jig it and bring it back to life. Hasn't lost any of it's appeal mate. Mrs TM - Sheds = Somewhere He Enjoys Doing Stuff - ie Not for women!!! ;):D

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its very rare she does go in there to be honest,she only went in for the cutters for some gardening and look what she did, pondering what to do with the red one at the mo, might see if i can make a new frame for it and make it removable if possible,nothing to lose on it anyway

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