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Massey Ferguson 6100's

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As the topic name says iv'e converted a few MF 6100's.

2 Are stil MF 6170's the other 2 are now 6160's.


For the 6170's iv'e made 2 Zuidberg front lifts from Agriscale .

One of the two has a PMA lift on the back (for my own collection)

The front rims are the Original of the 6170 and the back ones are from a Renault Ares from UH.

The tyers on the rims are from the Renault Celtis also from UH.

Chassis is painted in the wright collors and also the rims. 

Here  are some picture's


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Also i got a reguest for an Massey Ferguson 6160.

The thing was this: It had to be one with the exhaust on the bonnet!

That was the only thing the customer wanted but after i said the chassis needed a respray with the wright colour and the rims he aproved and i alsol resprayed that parts!

When i was putting the model back together i noticed that the rearfenders where damaged so i needed to respray the red parts so that model is slightly other red.

I also fancyed a 6160 so i got another 6170 and for my own collection i wanted one with other tyers that it where more a farmers tractor.

So on my model ive put on the rear the UH MF2640 rims and tyers, and on the front ive put the rims and tyers of the UH MF3080.

So enough typed! here are some photo's!



I hope you like them!


Kind regards Johny ;)


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