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Damaged UH MF 35x

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Had this damaged Universal Hobbies MF35x in my spares box for ages after a fall. The rear mud guards had broke off and damage to the steering allowing the front wheels to point in different direction.

I had half weathered the tractor before its fall but will finish it off and mount on a diorama.

Here goes.





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The rear mudguards have a square that fits over the square of the axle housing. I cleaned the old glue and paint from the guards and removed the old glue and paint from the axle housing with a small file.

Then using CA glue I stuck the left hand mud guard to the axle, applying a small amount to hold the plate to the guard.


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Using Model Mates mud brown wash I applied this to the tractors mud guards and bonnet also the grey frame and axle parts. Then using a damp cotton bud I rubbed the wash away leaving it in the panel lines and where dirt would settle.


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I wanted the base to have a damp muddy look so using Mig products I went about it. lets get started.

Using a small amount of Mig dry mud pigment I added half a teaspoon of plaster powder and then about a tea spoon of Mig resin. Mix up well adding more pigment if needed. For extra texture you could add a little fine sand and for a more damp / wet look a few drops of gloss varnish. This was then applied to the base to give a rough look and left to dry.


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