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MF 6480 Tier 3 rebuild

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Having recently made my second 6480 tier 3  I just wasn't happy with how it looked,  I hadn't realized that the large frame MF64/7400s had a different rear fender design from the smaller 64/7400s........... That's because the larger tractors need to be able to fit R42 radius wheel rims, whereas the smaller tractors max out with R38 rims........... And because I had used a donor cab and fenders from a 7499 on my 6480 it just looked odd at the back end...........So I have gone back to the drawing board with even more expense!!   

Looking at my old 5480 model its clear that the rear fenders are the donor ones I should have used,  but that was a black chassis version with the lighter shade of red paint.   Luckily I managed to source a grey chassis brighter red 5480 which matches the 6480 model.

And having half finished it, its obviously the right donor for the 6480 project...................Ive put my recent 6480 back to back with its replacement for comparison and the difference is obvious I think:)


MF6480 model 006.JPG

MF6480 model 005.JPG

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For the new 6480 Im using front wheels and tyres off the original usa version model as they are different to the 6475 uk version and much nicer.

The rear wheels are R38s off the 5480 and spot on for a 6480 and I can fit the larger rear tyres off the 6480 /6475 instead of the smaller 5480 rubbers.

Next up is the cab fitting using the 5480 which looks better suited as well, if perhaps not as well detailed as the 7499 one. Im going to try and add a few donor parts to improve it , Ive already got the 6480 console in place so watch this space for more updates;D


MF6480 model 007.JPG

MF6480 model 008.JPG

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Thanks Jamie, I try to get as near as possible to the real thing.

Yes they are good tractors and I have to put this tier 3  6480 up alongside  the old 3650 datatronic as my favourite ever MF.................I just love the bonnet design, shark gills, raptor headlamps and the new brighter red over the more complimentary grey chassis.................I thought the black chassis was too harsh.


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