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Massey Ferguson 6616 DynaVT

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Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a quick and small convo; I still had no medium tractor around 150HP; thanks to the experience of building a few 7499's and a 7726 I've found out that a 6600 would be a nice option.

So I bought a Britains one and a 7624; cutted them both down till I had 2 chassis. The front train including front axle and linkage was used from the UH one; same story with the mudguards and cab. Decals were made by Henri Walker and the tires including rims are coming from a UH Claas Arion. :) 





With her big sister. :)

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Very nice work Niels,  I had considered doing this job with a Britains 7718 bonnet and UH 7726  on a MF6475 chassis to make a pucker 7718. But as I discovered with my first 6480 convo the rear fenders from a 7499 stick out a bit further because they need to accommodate R42 wheels and tyres..............6480s (like the 7718)  are a tighter arch because they can only take R38s.   Im hoping UH will do a MF6716 when they get released later this year, they would have the right tighter curved rear fenders for a 7718 convo............obviously a 7718 UH model would be best but I don't see that happening sadly.

Did you get the Britains bonnet resprayed to match the UH rear fenders?  They look a very good match.

Im now waiting for Henri to rustle up a set of 7719 decals as that 190hp tractor is more likely to be seen on R38 wheels like the ones on the Arion model, whereas most 7720s and up through the range are on R42s.    Ive had my Arion wheels painted up in MF grey ready for 7 weeks now!!   I think Henri must be on strike;D

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