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1/16 scale Ford 3000 6x series

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21 hours ago, MadMark said:

Thanks Martyn, I take it the base for it is a UH Fordson Dexter?  you've giving me an idea for a conversion to use the Roadless one and do a 4wd version.

Roadless 46 dam good idea you have there! Yes it's based on a dexta with the pump and other engine parts from the ford 5000 with the bonnet cut down and a new chin made for the front grill and foot plates.

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13 hours ago, MadMark said:

So will we seeing a version from you then Martyn? it'll be a few weeks before I even start thinking about doing one as I want to finish off other builds first.

I am afraid not as got order builds plus new models to pattern so the roadless 46 ain't gonna get done.

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