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colour variations

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i really dont know mark,at a guess maybe the lime green one,its the same as the mf200 trailer, i certainly have never seen another,even in one of the dutch guys big book of pics he had, ,he did have the blue and yellow one mind.

as for a blue metallic one paul ,cant say i have seen that one ?? has anyone else ?? bugger thought i had them all untill you posted that


i cant say i have seen another bauer like this one either, the yellow tanked ones i have seen all had black plastic fittings i thought,or am i mistaken

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By lime green muck spreader I presume you mean the green one in the middle (of the other two green ones) . I have one this colour too, never seen another one before now, shame about the tow ring. I don't think it's the exact same colour as the high sided tipping trailer though, I need to compare mine. I have never seen/heard of a metalic blue one either

What about these, first version trailer with tipping cart label, orange lever and land rover wheels/tyres. Later versions have different style of (land rover?) wheels/tyres then the wide implement wheel/tyre combo.


Second version green, also with land rover wheels/tyres (These can also be found with tipping cart label)



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yeah thats the one paul, keep meaning to see if i can repair the tow eye, put a plain metal one onto it ,paint worn look but i suspect it would devalue it ?? not really sure , it came as a scrap lot,so knew it was broken,but had to be done as like you i had never seen another one . must keep my eyes open for the green old version of the mf200 as well, never seen one in the flesh, and only one pic before,and that was a battered one

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On 19/07/2016 at 9:10 PM, Tractorman810 said:

just sourced the orange lever version, looks mint but does have the later decals on it, needs a silage top to at some point . anyone seen one with those decals before 

I have one with these decals on. These are more common than with the tipper cart decals.

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On 22/07/2016 at 5:33 PM, Tractorman810 said:

oh wel it was a missing version at least 

By "more common" I meant slightly easier to find, say second production run perhaps! A nice purchase. 


4 hours ago, Tractorman810 said:

latest variation arrived today, just needs a top ,which i will find sometime,even if its buying a full trailer to do it


A nice tidy trailer, doesn't look to have had much use either.

I had to do buy a trailer to complete/repair the green MF200 trailer(above) as it was missing the lift mechanism, tailgate and decals. Decals from Dave Towse. Silage top was given to me by another collector.

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time to resurect this one, been going through a few bits, does anyone know how many different colour ploughs britains did, i have 4 different small plough and a blue and green push pull set so far, also anyone know how many variations there are of the small harrow there is also, i have a red/ grey one so far and i think a yellow green one.


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