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t7. 315


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Well I gave in an bought one. Its got new beacons and a siku front linkage with a modified front weight to fit the siku linkage

Overall its not that bad, 6.5/10. As Weblet stated, the steering is not the best. For such a big model that will make navigating small yards pretty difficult on a layout

The cab has some nice details including the coloured shuttle stick, foot pedals and in cab monitor with blue screen. Not sure if you could squeeze a driver in as the wheel is pretty close to the drivers seat *edit - just seen Weblet managed to fit a siku driver*

I'm still holding out for the MarGe one to represent this tractor in my fleet, but this is worthy of adding to my blues collection




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Its a pretty accurate model.................one thing that strikes me with the T7315,  it looks better in standard blue than in blue power!! 

I think that's because the front grille and radiator covers a wider area on the nose and that definitely looks better in black than the BPs silver/white colour in my opinion.

I only intend to buy one of Marges multi release of CNH models and its likely to be the more detailed version of the standard NH tractor above.

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