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McCormick x7.660

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Ive been working on this for a couple of weeks and now its finished.

My inspiration has been seeing a small fleet of X7660s hauling produce around my area for an 11000 acre estate..................All are hired in from Hawk along with a dozen nice CASE Pumas.

The Replicagri model is very nice but also fragile.........its rear hitch looks ok but in practice is next to useless.

The first job was to reduce the ridiculously long beacon stalks!!  In reality they are quite long on the real thing but not as daft as the models.

Next up I added a nice little Hawk hire sticker to the cab roof.

  The wheels and tyres look good from side view, but are to skinny so I replaced the rears with Siku JD6920s which were sprayed silvery/grey and then I drilled a hole into the wheel as per the real thing...........their a really good match now.  I left the front wheels on but fitted the JD tyres over them which just about works.


mcmac model 2016 031.JPG

mcmac model 2016 023.JPG

mcmac model 2016 025.JPG

mcmac model 2016 021.JPG

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Heres the real thing, one of five working locally on hire..............the drivers reckon they are a big improvement on their predecessor MTX/XTXs and also drive pretty good at 50k with the 14 tonne trailers without wandering much.  And they hadn't broken down like previous models were prone to do.



Sept Oct 2016 014.JPG

Sept Oct 2016 003.JPG

Sept Oct 2016 010.JPG

Sept Oct 2016 008.JPG

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definitely looks better on bigger wheels - otherwise I don't think its a bad model.  What size wheels could be used which don't have 'Siku' on them, do you know?  Maybe the ones off the TTX?

I am hoping to partially convert a TTX to an X70 - it won't be right due to cab roof and fuel tank and lights, but will sort of fill a gap.

Good photos of the real thing - one working not too far away from here:


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Here's a list of suitable tyres / wheels,off Agriscale band calculator,http://www.agriscale.nl/banden_calculator/

UH Valtr T looks closest.



Universal Hobbies Deutz TTV (achter) 55.0 ? 19.0
Universal Hobbies Renault 836 (achter) 55.0 ? 19.0
Universal Hobbies Claas Ares 836 (achter) 55.0 ? 19.0
Universal Hobbies Fendt 818 (achter) 58.5 ? 20.5
Universal Hobbies Valtra C120 (achter) 55.0 ? 19.0
Universal Hobbies Valtra T (achter) 56.0 ? 19.0
Siku Deutz K110 (achter) 54.0 ? 18.5
Siku Same Iron 110 (achter) 54.0 ? 18.5
Siku Lamborghini R6.110 (achter) 54.0 ? 18.5
Siku Fendt 936 TMS (voor) 54.5 ? 21.5
Siku Claas Xerion 59.0 29.0 21.0
Robert Peeters Terra Nr13 (achter) 58.0 ? 21.5
Robert Peeters Normaal Nr13 (achter) 58.0 ? 21.5
Robert Peeters Normaal Nr03 (achter) 58.0 ? 21.5
Weise Fendt 515c (achter) 55.0 ? 19.0
Walker Parts W-7 band (achter) 59.0 ? 22.0
Universal Hobbies Fendt 415 (achter) 58.0 33.0 19.0
Weise Fendt 824 (achter) 59.0 35.0



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