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McCormick rebrands

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Hi Folks,

Heres a few photos of 3 Siku McCormick TTXs that I have altered to the smaller models in the range.

1: XTX165 with replacement front linkage and weight

2: X70.50 partial conversion; should really have a different roof, fuel tank (out of sight in photo) and rear lights - still happy with it all the same!

3: Another XTX165 - decal change only

Photos from phone - will post more proper ones at some point




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Thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated.  The Siku front link does look poor, so was pleased with how the replacement link turned out (bought from Dave Towse as well as the weight).  Will possibly change the X70 link too, and keep the Siku link on the other XTX as it will likely permanently have the front press attached.

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