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2016 CASE Puma

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I'm really enjoying this conversion,  its basically a UH CASE Puma 240 with its awful bonnet removed and binned!!   And then the far more accurate Britains version fitted into its place:)

So far I have taken the model to pieces, removed bonnet decals and then resprayed the roof, fenders and bonnet with official CASE red paint x 3 coats and a good polish.

I'm making two of them, a 240 and a 185 and fitting different wheels and tyres to each.

Heres the pics todate.




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As you can see Ive made much progress with the Puma 185  and just have the wheels left to spray.    That will require some milder weather in the garage than it presently is, so bear with me.

The difficult part was cutting up the old Britains 225s chassis to get at the two pieces that fit under the bonnet but beside the wheels and mudguards........see picture beneath.  These were gripfilled on along with the bonnet which was a tight but good fit.

Henri Walker decals were decent apart from the black cvx lettering which should've been white,  so I left them off and will get them redone and stuck on at a later date.



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The 185 will get the wheels and tyres from the NH T7225 as they are the popular R42 650/65s used on many NH and CASE tractors................The 240 when I get round to it in the new year will have the standard R38 650/75s that were on the model when it arrived, which are really excellent.   They will get sprayed and detailed as well.

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Here she is 95% finished,  with just a few extra decals, aerial and a little fine detail painting  needed to complete.

Unfortunately I couldn't fit in a driver without firstly cutting his legs off, which would defeat the object of the exercise;D

When its complete I will put it up on here next to an untouched UH 240cvx original so you can all appreciate how wrong they got that bonnet and the red CASE paintwork!





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OK  finished my other Puma (except reg plate) which is a 240 cvx...............same work completed  on 185 cvx  except  for 650/ 75 R38s wheels / tyres

decals inc. PecKs dealer stickers,  in cab drill computer fitted to the comms bar to drivers right side. (pinched off MF 7600)

Driver pinched off MF8700;D

Front weight/ toolbox (pinched off McMac X7660) and CASE decal added.








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Hi Martin,  I took the bonnets and half circle metal pieces for where the tyres turn into the bonnet off of two Britains 225 pumas, wheels and tyres for the 185 cvx came off a NH T7225.

To be honest I'm always robbing peter to pay paul;D

Depending on what UH have coming in 2017 I'm going to try and make another MF that will require four donor tractors with no guarantee it will look right, and it will probably cost well over a £100 in parts let alone labour costs.........and I'm not cheap!!!      There again if UH come up trumps it will be easy.

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