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buckrake & trailer extensions

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Nice bit of work MJB, thought I ought to comment/compliment you even though you have rammed my Hotmail account with near on thirty photo's from playtime yesterday!! Yeah, bring on the fork. I'll have me one of those please, unpainted. I been hunting around for an old pump filter off our Vac tanks but nothing has showed up yet. Last night tonight so I may just rob the one out of the pump. . . .No, I can't do that. . .  ::)

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fine thanks , you ?

i'll post another pic of deer-ests buckrake & you'll see the clip that holds it onto the cross piece for the jcb's bucket

:D :D

Think you need a finer chop on your grass mate ;):D

aparently not , talking to a friend at grassland, the days of very short silage from foragers is changing to a longer cut of grass due to cow stomaches knotting up due to the muscle trying to move it along the digestive system.

This & maize are the bigest culprit to 'gut knotting' , blades are being either removed or the distance between blades & shearbar is being increased.

The longer grass will effectively 'slide' along the digestive tract with the muscles  as aposed to the shorter grass being rolled / pushed along which tends to build up into a ball of feed thus 'knotting' the cows intestines , which if not sorted quicky can kill the cow , if quick enough the vet makes an insision & has to literally untangle knot  :-\

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here you go rich.new holland  :)

so is it a tight fit then marcus ??? ?, havent got that loader so not sure how it fits :-\

not really ben although the mk2 for deer-est is a bit better

pic 1) JCB 141s headstock

pic 2) single clip is the same length as the headstock

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