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Remote Control John Deere Combine Build

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This is something I have been meaning to do for a long time, to build another RC Combine, the first one I did was a Siku MF Delta 9280 which I put tracks onto, second one was a Siku Claas Lexion 600, everything works on them, forward/reverse, steering, header up/down, discharge auger out/in, reel turns by motor on/off, all lights work on/off, just like the real thing, even put rear lights onto the trolley as it just didn't look right without them. 

I have been absent from Farm Models for a while, other interests took over for a while but just recently bought this combine, Siku John Deere T670i  and have started to convert it to RC, I decided to put the building of it onto this forum, who knows it may help someone else to do the same, plus I may just decide to sale this one someday, well that's if I ever get it finished!!!!!!!

The first RC combine I did I managed to find a smallish differential gearbox for the forward reverse but it was hard to fit in, the second RC combine just had a straight axle but does affect the steering a bit and uses a lot of battery power, so for this combine decided to use a Tamiya double gearbox, it's a kit that can be used to make tracked vehicles, a motor for each wheel, think this will be a good comprise for the drive, time will tell though.

Have also fitted a servo onto the steering, had to make a small connector to join the servo onto the siku drive gear, the other servo fitted will be for lifting the header, it's all trial and error, well not really, the first combine was, the second combine was a lot easier so this one should be fairly straight forward, just very time consuming. One main difference for the Deere combine will be that I won't be putting a battery pack inside (it will free up a little space inside), it takes a bit of time to recharge so will put the battery pack in the grain tank with a cover over it to disguise it, this way can have several battery packs charged up ready for action, found out that problem at a Model Show previously, could then display it all day if wished.

If you wish to see my first attempts at RC Combines, my son has a YouTube channel, do a search for  kevy8boy   you will be able to view them in action.

I will upload more photo's as it progress's but it may take a while, once I have everything fitted and working it will all be removed and refitted so will then have more detailed photo's of the construction.






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