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Mill Farm Organics - End Of Year Report 2015


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The ongoing saga of Mill Farm Organics and associated businesses.

This update focuses on changes made during 2015.

You can read the backstory, with all the detail about the various farming enterprises,  here in  the 2014 End Of Year Report

At the end of 2015 the Bossman is still driving the RR and Schnitzer, but now has a new toy, a Gixxer 1300 (and an Organ Donor Card)

The Missus now has an M3 convertible.




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Two big changes on the tractor front.

The T7070 has been shipped out to Poland with the 7 furrow Kverneland. One of the T6090s and a 5 furrow plough have been moved over to Castlebridge to assist the T7.210s as the workload grows in the contracting business there.

They have been replaced by a Fendt 828 and 724, together with an 8 furrow and 6 furrow Gregoire Besson ploughs.

The backup team around the yards comprise two Ford 7810s, a Ford 6640SL and a New Holland T6020.





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With the new trailer regulations coming into force in 2016, it was decided to upgrade the trailer fleet. The two Kroger Agroliners were shipped out to Poland and the 14 tonne Lees were parked up for use as reserves.

A new pair of high specification Krampe 16 tonners were purchased and the 12 tonners were refurbished to meet the new standards.






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Back in the past the tractor fleet was split between Ferguson and Fordson, then switching to Ford and Massey Ferguson as these brands developed.

The last big purchase of Masseys was in 1965 when three new Masseys were purchased.

A 165 replaced a 35 and joined the 65 for light cultivation and carting work at Newpark,

A 135 replaced a TEF20 in the horticultural enterprise at Milltown.

The third Massey, an Industrial spec 135 (or 2135) was purchased and hired out the local Council on a 10 year contract.





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2005 saw the first new Massey in the gate since the very short lived MF1200 which was bought in 1973 and replaced with the Muir Hill 121 in 1975.

The Fendt Dealer was now selling MF as well, and offered a very good deal on two 818 Varios, two 14 tonne Kroger Agroliner trailers, and an Industrial spec MF5460.




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Which brings us up to 2015.

The Deutz and Claas dealers were both very anxious to get a machine (or three) in the gate, but the Fendt dealer (who is married to a cousin of the bossman) pulled out the stops to get more green and less blue into the yard (his wife's sister is married to the New Holland dealer, which makes for great sport).

So in addition to the 724 and 828 which arrived at Newpark in 2015, there was also a 211 Vario Kommunal for the new contract with the Local Council.

Who will win the battle in 2025 though?






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