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this is my first ever go at it, the plumers at work make it look easy. hope the next one comes out better. i had to do it all in one go because it gets to hot and the other joints come apart. i think i had the flame to hot and to fast. :-\ :-\ :-\ :)

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Coming to a Mole Valley near you!! I'll have some of them mate!! Been wanting to have a go at brazing for a while now.  :) :)

I enjoyed brazing I had a go a while back making a trailer you'll probably remember, and found out it's a very strong joint I was going to have a go at a similar thing and make some more of those little britains gates that go up the side of the sheep dip, we'll see.

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Oh and while your at it OF I'll have three ring feeders aswell, you know the type - for putting round bales in. . ...  And a crush and a race  . .... . There s a good chap!!  ;):D

tris dave is doing the round feeders on his web site. :) :) thanks for all the good feed back lads. that was the first and it took me two hours  :o :o. i hope to get better on the next two or so gates, i will keep you all posted and if they go well who knows.{OLD FORD GATES LTD}
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well gate no2 went ok, gate no3 went very well. then gate no4 went Boobies up :'( :'( one joint came apart, took  an hour to get it to take again. >:( >:(

Ah, you should've used the heat sink ::) ::)::)

How strong are the gates when they're done?

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