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Massey Ferguson 3125

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This is my Massey Ferguson 3125, it was made out of a 3080 with new stickers from Peter Hardy, it has new wheels all round with Terra tyres on the back and wider ones on the front. I've also added extra lights, two aerials and a beacon. Its also got a new exhaust, a front linkage and weights. 






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A 3120 would have been more accurate as that used the same bonnet as the 3080 /3090 etc....................the 3125 had a bigger bonnet than those models.  

I used to get to drive a 3125, 3115 and 3080 on a local farm back in 1991.................could never understand why the 3125 gearbox gate was the opposite of the 3080 and 3115s:-.........if you jumped from one tractor to the other you constantly got in the wrong gear range;D

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