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Ford 7700 2wd & Moffett Hedgecutter / tabmodels

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Hi to everyone here at Farm Toys Forum, this is my first post here and hope to share many more pics of my past and current scratch builds and conversions. After building a Ford 8210 4wd fitted with a Moffett Bushmaster hedgecutter, I've decided to build another Moffett mated to a Ford 7700 2wd (converted from a Britains TW-20 4wd). I'll be posting pics of the work in progress, meanwhile here is how far I've got...

Floor shift gear levers and throttle lever

Re-worked rear linkage

Moffett operator control levers and cables





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Thanks guys, Chris I'm glad you are pleased with the Major and Hydrocut, and I'm glad you got it in one piece! I think the post office likes to play football with some of my models from time to time! I like to build a lot of the older equipment especially from the 1970s. There will be lots more mainly Ford, County and Roadless based creations coming up, I'm currently building a Roadless Ploughmaster 75 with Mk4 Hydrocut featuring the Hydrocut flail head, I will post this up soon.

Gary Lawson, I just ran a sharp scalpel blade below the frame until it cut free, it takes a while as the plastic is quite thick. Then it's trimmed down to the shape of the lower half window and glued above the frame. Hardest part is getting a nice steady silver frame painted around the outside of the glass.

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Thanks Tris, I haven't actually seen a Moffett Bushmaster in the flesh, I took a trip to Moffett Engineering in Ireland over summer but there were no machines on the premises. They gave me a single sheet leaflet to work from! They custom build each hedge cutter to suite whatever tractor it's being fitted to so the main elements are the same but the frame and mesh guard can vary, so it's down to artistic license at that point. Here is the latest on the model, the hydraulic pump is guess work!


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6 hours ago, Deere-est said:

Superb, doesn't look like any detail has been spared in recreating this miniature master piece. Love the addition of the different blade on the back.

Thanks Tris, detail is where it's at, it's worth going the extra mile no matter how tiny the part :)

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