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John Deere 6195R on Row crops

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Having made a 6215R two months ago on big tyres I decided a few weeks ago to do another 6R,  I already had 6195R decals and a search of the Dutch Farm models website showed me a nice set of Row crops.  Mind you they were not cheap and once P+P was added they cost well over £30!!!!  

Anyway over the past three weeks I have done the following to it,   Sprayed the wheels JD yellow, added spacers front and back to make it right.  Cut off existing exhaust and replaced with one cut from ertls 6215r model.

Added driver, security tag, 2017 reg plate. painted some rivets JD green, painted front and rear top link silver. Primed then Painted cab hinges satin black (This makes such a difference) 

Removed front grill and plastic light covers, drilled two new holes either side of existing hole and painted it all silver, replaced light covers and then grill (Another big improvement)



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More pics ......................................To be honest I would have liked the tyres to be a little wider although I have seen some the same width as these on JDs before, but you can only fit what someone has made and they do look good.

I'm waiting for a delivery of roof aerials to complete it and I'm planning on pairing it with my Amazone sprayer and possibly a front and rear version as well.





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Another smart set of wheels there Mark:)................although I like other brands of tractors as much as JDs I have to say that the Deeres do look best on the big yellow rowcrops don't they.

Ive finished mine now apart from another sticker or two,  Aerial added and tyres weathered, plus front toolbox in place8)




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