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UH Ford 8830

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I spotted the below Ford 8830 at a local tractor run a few months back and decided I'd have a go at building a model to match it. 


I started of with a UH 8830 and removed the front and rear wheels.



Wheel weights added to the rear rim.


I bought a donor Britains TW for its tyres and also the front rims, as they matched the newer style rims on the 30 series.

All four rims got coated in the correct white/grey paint colour. Only issue was the front wheels sat out a bit to far.



So I trimmed out the back part of the front wheel hubs and then spaced out the rear wheels by 2mm each side.



I also used the front weight of the TW and it's front mud guards.



I had some spare front head lights from another UH model, so fitted them to match. Personally I'm not a fan of the 4 lights on the front, but decided to fit them to match the real tractor.

I just need to get some rear becans and that's it complete.



It's not prefect, but I'm happy enough with my first attempt.

Thanks to @Paul Palmer for his help, with his recent build of one these recently, giving me ideas for this model. 


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Guest tedroosevelt21

nice work  UH  got tis model technically wrong as the engine is tw25/8730 as the tw35 /8830 had oil cooler and filters on lefthandside of the block Britains got that RIGHT on the tw30


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Thanks for the kind words everyone, it's my first attempt so it's not perfect, but I'm happy with how it turned out and have an even greater respect for the true model makers/modifiers! You guys make it look too easy!!! 

I plan on getting some beacons and a number plate for the rear, then that will be it I think. I had thought of weathering it, but I'm undecided. It will likely just sit in my display cabinet. 

I am on the look out for two figures, a girl and a male figure to try and match the photo I took of my daughter and dad beside it.


But I think to change anymore to make it a true replica is beyond my skills and I could end up making a mess to be honest. 

Thanks again. 

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