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britains John Deere 6155R

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This is a fairly basic convo for me and all I have done is reduce the tracking front and back, removed the front link and fitted a weight, painted the wheels front and back.  Removed the old straight stack and fitted the much meatier new style exhaust,  plus new 6155R decals, security sticker, 66 reg plate.    She looks much better than she did.

I could also have changed the beacons over for more realistic versions, the tyres and wheels for better looking Siku JD6920S versions (see photo) , put some silver metal on the wing mirrors, added painted detail to cab interior and painted all mudguards and fenders matt black and weathered the tyres!   But the dull green plastic bonnet and roof have spoiled this model for me.

I got given the 6150R for a £5 from a relative so it was fun to do a bit of a makeover on it, but when I compare it to my new JD3350 which is superb I do wonder that Britains took a step backwards with these 6R models.







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