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guys been tinkering arround with this the ast few days waiting for some bits to arrive,which they have now yippeee

want a bit of advice on the rears,should i stick with the first ones in pics 1,2 or go for the second set in pics 3,4

the second to are a better dia to math the fronts but look to wide for me ,the first set look perfect width wise but are a tad to small dia wise leaving the front pointing up slightly

got a lot more to do yet to her but need to sort this now before i fix things in place



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i like that did you sacrifice a ELITE john deere for the front Axle

or make it yourself the back wheel centres look brill but the width is too much

for me  ;)

front axel is of the jd 4020 ,so easy to break that up,cant use the rears from that,as they are now on the 760 convo i am looking at to,

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Another dead John Q!

The down side, however, is that ERTL willl prolly bring out lots more of the horrible things becasue sales are so high!

Dear Bill,

If you sold the front axle and wheels of the 4020 on their own, you could get damn near the same price for them from customisers - in fact you could get more because we wouldn't have to pay the refuse charges for the disposal of the scrap tractor chassis (not to mind the embarrasment of our neighbours and friends witnessing us buying JohnQs in public).

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FWIW I reckon option 'b'. We had a 575 which had huge tyres on for it's time....something like 18.4 34 and it looked like that. Maybe if they were tighter to the body as spacing wasn't an issue then - no tramlines.  ;)

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