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Silage Machinery model farming competition 90s category


Vote for your favourite 90's contributer!!  

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each person is allowed a maximum of 1 entry in this section each entry can contain a maximum of 6 photos.

the pictures can depedict a pit or bale outfit but cannot show both in the same category.

Any tractors/machinery used in this category cannot be re-used in another category....... exceptions exist for silage trailers but try to keep it realistic.

it is ok to use older machinery in for example the 00s period considering some contractors and many farmers who cut their own silage realy heavily on older stuff

a seperate section will be made "in this board" to allow people to comment on the entries but any OT posts under this title, other then the entries will be deleted.

once all the entries have been received ill organise a poll where each member has one vote

when submitting an entry you should first indicate how many acres ur outfit picks up and try to match the machinery used with the workload......... KEEP IT REALISTIC

ill leave it running for 8 weeks from this evening (some of you may think this is a long time but it givens everyone plenty time including myself as once the real silage starts it will be hard to find time to log onto the forum)



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Here is a look at NC Contractings fleet back in the late 90's, pictured at Flamstead House Farm. Back in the 90's we only did harvesting, carting and buckraking, leaving the mowing and raking to the farmers or for other contractors. We harvested approximately 450 acres a year of grass silage, mainly in Derbyshire.

Mowing with Flamstead House Farm's Massey Ferguson 6180 and Claas front and rear mowers.

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nice use of the jcbs nath  ;):) :)

next door has decided to start foraging, they've got fords you know  ::)

ready for this mart  :D :D :D

2wd ford 7610 mowing with rear mounted deutz mower , while in the back ground the 8560 starts fert spreading & a 7810 comes out of the yard with a trailer

on the forager is the ford 8670 filling a trailer hauled by a NH TS85

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the 78 driver has to wait while the pit driver  in a 76 on narrow rears wheels to get the weight down for rolling ,gets the grass away

no sooner has the 78 tipped his load  the 82 turns up ,he'll just have to wait as well , looks like it's going to be a hectic day for the pit driver  ::);)

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same featured farm, different contractor like............ farmer saw sense and got the guy with the mfs  ;D

these are from 1996, the contractor was picking up approx 3800 acres silage and 400 acres maize. again trailers are lees all fitted with flotation tyres to ease soil compaction  :P

mowing 3690 and raking is a 3070



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It's 1999. The world is going to end after midnight on December 31st because of the Millenium Bug, and classic 1:32nd scale models are cheap as dirt to buy. One of these days Meg Whitman is going to do something about that!  :o

On my featured farm (see 70s and 80s entries for the history) there is lots of new kit.

On the Home Farm, the County 1174 was eventually traded for a Ford 8630 in 1991. The 1184 was traded for a Ford 8340 in 1992. The Fendt 309LSA and the 8630 were traded for an NH badged 7840 and a Ford badged 8670 in early 1996. The 8340 was traded for an 8560 in early 1998.

On the pig farm, the 7600Q is still going strong (mainly because the 7840 gets drafted in to spread the slurry).

The contracting operation replaced the DX110 with a second Fendt 615 in 1995. The original 615 was replaced with a 926 Vario in early 1998. The 926 spends most of its time shifting plant on a low loader as the contracting business now has a major focus on construction. The second 615 has just been replaced with a new 716 Vario.

Because the construction business is booming, the silage harvesting has been cut back to just the needs of the Home Farm beef wintering yards, and the two ploughing tractors - the 8560 and 8670 - see regular duty under Dooley 20 Tonne dump trailers.

This year the 7840 looks after the mowing with a Pottinger trailed mower. The new 716 is powering the JF trailed harvester. The 8560 and 8670 do most of the carting with the 18 foot trailers. The 7840 and 7600Q see duty with the elderly Lees for the longer draws. A JCB 414 FarmMaster on duals looks after the pit.

pic 1: 7840 mowing out

pic 2: The main carting crew.

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