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Good evening,

This is probably not the best category but I posted 2 weeks ago in old models I think & didn't get any replies.

Can somebody tell me is code 3 and conversion the same thing ?

I have bought a  Dinky Field Marshall Tractor & am waiting for it to arrive. I want to paint it Green rather than the Orange they come in.

Does anybody have an opinion on if it's possible to get a good paint finish using a model paint brush ? Good is fine for me not looking for amazing.

I noticed small tins of paint are available from The Model Tractor Co (presumably others as well) - does anybody have experience of these - Is this paint good ?

Are the colours good ? specifically Field Marshall Green.

What category should I use for this in the future ?

I need some advice about Britains Ford 6600, 5000 & 5000 Super Major - which category should I use for this ?

Thanks in advance.

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Seems strange you didn't get a reply to your original post, there has been problems with the forum going down recently, it is possible that your post wasn't seen. The model tractor co are excellent to deal with, very helpful but expensive postage cost, I think it is £5 weather you buy a small part or a whole model. The paint, as far as I can gather, is the correct enamel colour, if you are applying by brush and worried about the finish perhaps you could thin it down slightly and apply several thin coats but not sure on that one someone else will know better than me. Hope this is of some help. 

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Thanks mb,

I would need a few colours & brushes so I don't think the postage would be much less if I could buy from somewhere else.

Britains Ford 6600, 5000 & 5000 Super Major - Are the front & back wheels on a Britains Ford 5000 Super Major white ?

Would it be considered acceptable to paint the wheels & mudguards of all the above ?

If yes to the above can you recommend white paint (aerosol / a budget friendly option if that's possible) ?

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Code 3 is I think normally a model produced without any permissions, so in essence a repaint is a code 3. 


The dinky model is very simple, I would personally take it apart, dunk in nitromors and then spray paint, will be much better finish. 


Ford wheels i have used bmw alpine white in the past. It's probably not 100% but looks ok to me. 

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Thanks for your reply.

The Dinky I bought is actually in pretty good condition so I am trying to get one in poorer condition to experiment on.

If I can get one I will take it apart. There are plenty for sale so I will get another one at some point.

I will go to Halfords & compare whites if that is possible.

Thanks again.

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