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Silage Machinery model farming competition 00s category


Vote for your favourite 00's contributer!! (3 votes in this one)  

83 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favourite 00's contributer!! (3 votes in this one)

    • Ricky
    • mjb1
    • John C
    • Powerstar?
    • snich.newholland
    • thomas b
    • wee nash
    • philip
    • civilpek
    • FNHIR
    • spn
    • farmermarshall
    • NCC

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each person is allowed a maximum of 1 entry in this section each entry can contain a maximum of 6 photos.

the pictures can depedict a pit or bale outfit but cannot show both in the same category.

Any tractors/machinery used in this category cannot be re-used in another category....... exceptions exist for silage trailers but try to keep it realistic.

it is ok to use older machinery in for example the 00s period considering some contractors and many farmers who cut their own silage realy heavily on older stuff

a seperate section will be made "in this board" to allow people to comment on the entries but any OT posts under this title, other then the entries will be deleted.

once all the entries have been received ill organise a poll where each member has one vote

when submitting an entry you should first indicate how many acres ur outfit picks up and try to match the machinery used with the workload......... KEEP IT REALISTIC

ill leave it running for 8 weeks from this evening (some of you may think this is a long time but it givens everyone plenty time including myself as once the real silage starts it will be hard to find time to log onto the forum)



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nice pics ricky got all that silage material off a treat mate, & love the mowers  :) :) :) :)

As well as an arable out fit winterhayfarms has a side line in rearing on hefiers & some store cattle , so when silage comes around all available kit is used to get it in & done quickly, foraging is done with the farms own second hand jag 695 mega & usually covers approx 250-300 acres per year.

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