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Britains No 9496 Deutz-Fahr DX4.57 in silver


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As my Britains collection is still growing (sorry, I still have to update my collection topic, it has been more than 3 years since the last update), I have stumbled over what I believe to be a Britains Deutz-Fahr DX4.57, made to celebrate the 1.000.000th Deutz-Fahr tractor ever build. It is finished in silver, with a white roof, and has a central operated, black plastic rear hitch, and by my knowledge to be known to have been commissioned by Flying Toys from Numansdorp (NL).


The only other DX4.57 I have even seen was descriped by Peter Baron in his famous little yellow book on Britains farm tractors, and an example was sold by Vectis, which came from his collection. Please see the picture below.


But on contacting Flying Toys to get some information, I was told they had never commissioned such a model. I know of a DX6.07 by Siku, that was made in a limited number of 500 pcs in 1992 to celebrate this 1.000.000 tractor, but who can shed some light on this mystery "Flying Toys" model? And have I really bought something amazing, or just a simple conversion?

I have already read an older topic on a Britains DX4.57 but couldn't find any answers there.


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I have just won a silver Deutz DX 4.57 on ebay although unfortunately it is not in a box, I am assuming that it is the same as the boxed one above as the roof is also silver and not white. Does anyone have a spare banded box available for me to pair them up?

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This model just arrived and it is not silver, it is white. The decals are not the best and appear to be a later addition but I can't see any green on it anywhere so I can't tell if it is a code 3 conversion or it started out as white


White Deutz (3).JPG

White Deutz (4).JPG

White Deutz (1).JPG

White Deutz (2).JPG

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