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Well I was cruising around on ebay looking for good used and abused JD toys from my childhood, ripe for customization. Found this sad looking 6910 SPFH with a broken off spout, no corn head, sticker peeled off the left side, and lots of scratched paint. Had one of these as a kid (and probably still do, just have to look when I get home). Anyway, I'm planning on building a small fleet of these if this one turns out decent. My to do list includes: Standi hay head and spout, Moores 7500 detailing kit, removable row crop duals on the front and a 2wd conversion on the rear, retrofit a 4 row corn head from a 5830, and find a way to add some steps going to the cab. I also want to do something about the infamous black cab problem, but Im not sure whether to replace it with a different cab or attempt cab glass and an interior insert. 

s-l500 (2).jpg

images (4).jpg

images (3).jpg




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Made some progress on the chopper!

Got most of the steering kit installed and the body dissassembled for painting. The railings should work perfect and I made an adapter for my 4 row corn header. Only complaint about the 4 row is that I wont be able to run row crop duals with it as they are too wide. So ill only be running the duals with the hay head and the 930R grain header ill be modifying to use for whole crop chopping. Still not sure what to do about the cab... I wonder if I can graft one from a clear glass 7720 titan II on there? Heres a few pics of the mock up stage before installing the railings and painting.








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13 minutes ago, mb86 said:

Shaping up nicely now. Have you built a new cab frame or cut out the old one?

I cut the windows out of the old one. Even though most people call a black cab, if you hold it up to the light, it's actually a really dark tinted translucent plastic. Cutting it out with my Dremel tool was super tedious, and the biggest challenge was actually getting the burrs off. The 6000-series Choppers had a very unique cab design, so using a cab off of another combine or Chopper just wouldn't look right.

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