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Britains Heritage


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Within the last 11 years we have seen classics redone 

Do you think they have de valued the 60s/70s origionals 

Just looking at the prices on ebay and these "new" but discontinued 5000s 7000s are rocketing in price the same could be said about the david browns and inters 

Aart from the rear hitch and a few other faults they are quite good 

The only thing keeping them below the origionals is box presentaion still loe them straw boxes from the 70s and the smell same with the catologes 

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The heritage  range are climbing alright , but I don't think they will effect the value of the older Britains from the 70's & 80's . The older ones are getting scarce also & most of the good original ones have been snapped up over the last few years. You had 3 times as much of the older Britains up for auction 5 or 6 years ago on EBay . So if anything the rising prices of the discontinued heritage range are only pushing up the older ones also . A boxed Britains Ford 6600 (strawbox) is still worth a hell if a lot more than a heritage Qcab 6600 boxed !! Same goes for the 5000's .

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