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Replicagri new holland 8560 to a TM 125

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Start of my TM 125 conversion,wheels had first coat of bianco white,rear mudguard numberplate holder removed and worklight added in its place,mirrors added,couple of work lights from the grabrails removed,as the tm i drove didnt have them,and changed the interior cab grab rails,as they differed from the 60 series to the tm ones,tyres and front mudguards i will be using,picking up the new holland grey tomorrow for the front axle and all wheel hubs,bonnet decals and numberplate on there way from good old Henri Walker,also driver added








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38 minutes ago, Luke190 said:

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Great stuff so far mate

cheers Luke,i have done some more to it,but no pictures yet,basically waiting for the bonnet decals and numberplate to arrive, axle and new mudguards are fitted at the front end

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1 hour ago, 844john said:

That looks just the part Paul, very realistic colour for the weathering


thanks John,its a dry/light mud,i will also add in some places a wet mud to it as well,doing this gives the model more depth and life,technique used by most kit makers,decals were expected yesterday,but no show,so hopefully they will be with me tomorrow then i can finish the model,might buy the britains nc dump trailer to go with it,that will be weathered as well

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