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JCB 4220 mk2

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I did a convo on one of these when it first came out but wasn't completely happy with it as the sprayed bonnet wasn't my best work........................but now that Siku have bought out a version with a nice diecast shiny bonnet in the correct shade of yellow I'm having another go.

I aim to use Britains much better chassis, cab and wheels and just the  Siku bonnet...................which you can see is way better than Britains...........the only part of the model that is I might add!!

Today I completely stripped down the Britains version and painted inside the cab.  Ive primed the roof and rear panels for painting probably next weekend now.





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The cab detail painting is mainly two shades of grey and a bit of silver...............not much colour in there.

I also had to file down a couple of mm where the bonnet and radiator sit on the chassis to get her to fit....................I would say the bonnet is 1mm longer than the Britains and its a 95% good fit............I will wait until everything is fixed back together  before permanently fixing with some gripfill.



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I bought a Britains 3230 with the yellow wheels and its mostly painted diecast,  and it was £19!!!................so no excuses about making the 4220 in plastic Britains:angry:

I suspect it may get the metal treatment when JCB do an upgrade in a few years time, but until then I will try and make a decent convo.

The roof and rear panels have had two coats and its an improvement on my first 4220 conversion.

I have done some paint detailing in the cab and replaced the steering wheel and column with some old UH parts.

The siku bonnet wasn't as good a match as I was expecting so I sprayed it over yesterday and have ordered new decals from Henri Walker:)


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Made a few small mods today,  a bit more detail on the front lights and a bit of wear on the exhaust pipe as she will be going on the layout as a 2 yr old machine.

Modified the front link arm to make it a bit more realistic.

I also sprayed a second coat of paint on the wheels and hubs so they will be ready for hubs to be blackened and nuts silvered during the week and then refitted with tyres in time for final decal fittings.


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I put the 4220 back together yesterday complete with a driver,  the Fastrac bonnet stickers arrived from henri Walker which were spot on and are now in situ.

I still have security stickers to add and an aerial to put on the roof, other than that shes finished.   The dust on the tyres and a bit of exhaust wear gives the impression shes done few hours work too.  All in all I'm much happier with this effort than my last one.   Personally I think Britains have made a good job of the 4220 its one of their best, just let down by the lack of a paint job.  But maybe they will do one on a future production run as they have with the 3230s:)






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