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Harvest (circa 1969)


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Not really the right time of year to post this topic up l know, but thought as winter starts to hit home, a look back at sunnier days may cheer things up a little :)

Combines are Claas Matadors,(66 & 68) Clayson M103 (65), and MF 510's from 1968. The Massey's  belong to a neighbour who has turned up in his new Ford capri to spy on the green and yellow competition :D

Tractors are a Ford 5000 (65) and a 1963 Roadless 6/4.













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Many thanks for the kind comments, very much appreciated. 

Regarding the Clayson, it is actually a CTF/toytrac? Version. Although coincidentally it was kindly picked up at chartres by John (of chestnut Miniatures) a few years back. Johns version is a better model, but it is stored away at the moment. 

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3 hours ago, smithy said:

that's a lot of combine capacity what you need now is a good baler I now of one that runs ok behind a FW , well it did run well to start with but that's  another story haha:ph34r:

Think l need to have a word with Goody over this baler, see if he can sort out an ex demo model for me, and move that knackered old JD baler on to pastures new!! :D 

Anyway Smithy, I reckon you must be some sort of time lord, as it's 1969, so your FW hasn't even hit the design stage yet! ;)








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