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Good Shops in the West Midlands?


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As the tile suggests, would anyone else here be from the west midlands, and know of any hidden gem shops that would stock a fair range, and wide variety of models? I have a shop close to home, but it only stocks a hand full, was just wondering if anyone had a go to place? I’m new-ish to the area so don’t know what’s about, but don’t mind travelling, and I know lots of times these shops don’t advertise on the internet. I had one back in my home town that was like Aladdin’s cave that doesn’t have a website. Also looking for Siku models. Any help would very much be appreciated :)  



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1 hour ago, Fenside MF said:

not been to it myself but there is usually a farm and construction model show at Leamington spa Jack,think its around the first or second weekend of February,you might be able to get your fix there ;)


ye i saw this the other day, it's about 20 minute drive away from me, so i'll definitely be going to that at the start of feb. :D

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