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Here’s a conversion I did using the standard Britain’s Howard.

This is a model of the early Howard 100 on thin tyres, like all my models I make (not customer orders) there stuff we’ve either owned or used.

We had this one from new and it was replaced by a 150 when my dad started working on a estate farm circa 1980, they had a 150 made redundant by a bigger Model and he was given a good deal on it. They were both well used for years. And up until about 2004 they where still being used. But rot set in badly, so they were scraped !

I’ve got a 150 work in progress so that should be done soon to accompany the 100. We still make these models to order. Usually people want there old wrecked spreaders revamping so this is one option! 


Cheers Sam 






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23 minutes ago, 844john said:

very nice again Sam, very lifelike. We still have a 100 but its job now is being slowly filled with bits of scrap before heading off on its last journey!;)

Cheers John mate. Yeah unfortunately we did the same. My friend use to use his bamford s2 forage box as a fencing trailer ha ha!. 

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