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Old school diesel tank.

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Here’s a diesel tank I put together, I actually made around 12, nice little diesel tank for a smaller farm layout which is more focused on using older and smaller gear. You wouldnt typically see this on a big modern farm. I thought it looked well rusted up, could add a few brambles around the base of it, althought that is dependent on the placement of the tank on your layout. I have mine isolated away from the sheds in the corner of the yard on concrete so I didn’t really need any... greenery if you like. 

I still make these to order. 

Hope you all like 

cheers Sam 











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2 hours ago, mb86 said:

I like that a lot Sam. As above, the weathering looks spot on. 


1 hour ago, b_emmons said:

it looks amazing Sam :) 

might have to order a few when I ever get the time to make a display :)


Cheers guys appreciate the feedback. Sure let me know Brian. There only £45 posted if anyone’s interested 

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