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Before Everything Changes......

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Thought I'd post up some pics of the main farm before I have a bit of a change around with the arrival of my new John Deere 7920 and a New Holland combine (not decided whether to use the CR or CX yet, all depends on what the local farmer has bought...... ;))

Pic 1 - John Deere 3200, Tattie Boxes, Grimme Planter, Case CX, Linde Forklift and Ifor Williams Live-Stock box (the Ifor Williams will be getting taken off to a different storage location).

Pic 2 - The main machine shed, including Case CS with Stoll Loader, John Deere 6200, Ford 276, New Holland TX66, Hesston Big Baler, Wuhlmaus Harvetser, JCB Fastrac 1135 with mounted sprayer......

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Sad day surely  :'(

Get that CR out in the fields and take some pictures for us Mart.

Aye it'll be sad to be running around in the CR or CX rather than the TX but it's put in a good few year's work...... :)

Ain't got the CR yet (expecting it in the post soon), so will get some pics when it arrives......Whether I use the CR or CX all depends on the local farmer though...... ;)

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phew had me worried then mart i thought 'thomas' & 'james' had been painted over :-\

what you going to do if yer neighbour gets a JD or an MF combine mate ?

Oh no mate, Thomas is still there...... :D;)

I know for a fact that he's got a New Holland combine, I'm just not sure on which model it is...... :)

prob cry,and move to a farm that does have a nh mate  :D :D :D :D

Would be the best thing to do...... :D;)

Classic NH2, sheds full to the top with kit thats what we like to see.  :) :)

Cheers Oli......I've managed to do a bit of re-arranging tonight, more to do tomorrow and then I'll post pics...... :);)

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I see you have the classic building material for walls on your farm--cotton reels! :D :D

They come in handy every so often...... :D;)

Can't believe nobody's commented on the Thomas the Tank wallpaper  :D

Come on Mart, show us some pics of the TG pulling the baler

Will get the TG up later, haven't got it out of the box yet...... ;) ;)

It must show the babies amongst us  ;D

The only reason Thomas is still there is that it's inside the fitted wardrobe in my room so we can't be bothered going to the hastle of removing it because the space is quite tight...... :);)

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