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Massey Ferguson 3645

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Sorry to repost ! The other one got lost - just wanted to update everyone. Got some steps made up, there pretty much exact copies of the originals. Had to be done my ocd would of played hell if it didn’t have 3 steps haha ;) hope you all like. 

Ps. I’ll just upload all pics from previous post too 







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21 minutes ago, Anderson Agri said:

She looks well on the spreader mate! Proper job that

Cheers zach ! I thought the tractor was a tad small if I’m honest ;) 


15 minutes ago, 844john said:

She looks the part Sam!:)

Cheers John. Some work in the spreader but getting there now 

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3 hours ago, Johny mf said:

If you are searching for the P.A.V.T rims there is a lad on Facebook who sels them.



Kind regards Johny ;)

Thank you Johny ! I’ll ask the customer unfortunately this one isn’t mine :( really enjoyed building it. If I stumble across a 3080 for a sensible price I’ll build another !

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