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Prime x slurry stirer.

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Here’s an old prime x slurry stirer. Was made to fit artisan and wiking linkages. Fully working ram... just got away with a car aerial on this particular model. Looked pretty nice on my layout when I had a lagoon ! But switched things up and I now have a slurry store so I made another that was for a slurry store and let this one go. Hope you all like 




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31 minutes ago, mb86 said:

Grand work again Sam, that is a model that suits weathering, they will spend their life covered in shite  

Haha cheers mate your right there !! I have caked this new one in muck I just need to finish my slurry store now. This one should of had some muck all over it really. Although we used to pressure wash the one I used from Time to Time. Pretty pointless as it spends its life in the stuff but Everything was kept fairly well 


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