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Britains Farmhand baler in M/F colours.

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A while back someone posted some pictures of the Britains Farmhand baler painted in M/F colours.

Decided to have a go myself.

Just needs some stickers at some stage.

This was a real pig, painting the belts in. Also despite making sure i did the spraying as you should the paint still chipped for a past time when i put it back together.

Also, i am aware that a M/F 3680 is a little OTT but it was the only model tractor i had to hand.



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3680 looks ace, i want one! what did you use for the glass?

i use a tick take box for the rear screens,thanks marcus,and a thin clear asheet for the rest,if you get the right stuff( names at home) it will superglue in with out going white,,its usally only .3 / .5 mm thick that i use so easy to bend round corners ect

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i run a couple of laminating sheets through the laminator (empty) and they look promising, will bend very easy and fairly clear, sure it will work!  wish i could get a ros with glass in the cab, that type were metal and bad to drill for wing mirrors so im told, aint that right starbrush! mines plastic and crap full stop

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