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Redbank Farm Pedigree Shorthorn Cattle


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Welcome to Redbank Farm, a 200 acre holding consisting of mainly grassland with small areas of natural woodland & streams. Fields range from 3 to 10 acres in size & have natural hedge boundaries although the whole farm is ring-fenced. We are involved in many schemes of conservation for birds, insects & small mammals. We have also planted 3000 trees around the farm.

We run a pedigree shorthorn beef unit, using our own branding 'redbank shorthorn beef' supplying direct to Waitrose with smaller meat boxes going to local markets, restaurants & pubs.

Grass is the main crop with kale grown for outwintering on rotation. Contractors are used for most operations although we pride ourselves on producing top quality baled hay & silage for winter feed.

I look forward to sharing my story with you all as my story builds...


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