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1 minute ago, alf aphid said:

Taking shape! Are you keeping the wheels? I used some off a replicagri Renault 851 I think on my 2030 to give a more authentic look. 

Hi, thanks for all, no, i change the wheels, i buy a smaller wheels from artisan32, and rear metal tire, i made desing from 3d print. In next  days i show you

Tomorrow new pictures.

Regards, Miguel

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On 9/26/2018 at 11:01 AM, super6 said:

How are you joining all the parts together, it looks like you have used pins and solder along with super glue? what sort of solder?

Do you have a real one parked outside or access to one for measurements?

Hii, i use loctite glue and i put on it sodium bicarbonate to make a hard and fast union, if you need, i can show you a video for you see it.

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