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Clear Your Workbench - Autumn 2018 Edition


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We've all got projects we want to get built, but sometimes the procrastination monster keeps us from getting them done.

Please post here any projects you have completed during Autumn 2018.

Scratch builds, customisations,  kits, buildings and dioramas.

Let's see them all.

Let's help each other get motivated, get inspired, and get more projects across the line.


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I've wanted a 6 cylinder Fordson Major for my Milltown Farm project for a long time now. I bought a SCALEdown Roadless 6/4 kit from TYRO Toys a number of years ago with a view to building it as a 2wd, but never got around to ordering the 2wd axle from Nigel.

This summer I finally got the 2wd axle ordered, and I got started on this project.

The tractor is based on the Chaseside 6 cylinder Major in the photo below, which I came across on Google Images when doing some research. I don't know anything about the real tractor, but the colour scheme looks good.

The tractor is intended to do commercial haulage in the 1960s. It will be getting a 10 ton trailer for hauling grain, for hauling sugar beet to the factory, as well as a flatbed for collecting milk churns from dairy farmers and hauling them to the creamery.

I intend to put a Fritzmeier cab on it in the future, given that it would have been working day and night on the beet campaign in deepest winter. The rear wheel weights are for stability when braking - no trailer brakes in those days - and I have left off the front weights in order to keep the steering light. The kit did come with a power steering kit, but I decided to go with manual steering.

This model also completes my 6 cylinder Fordson/Ford collection.








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A couple of other members have built this FarmModels.nl kit and it is one I have always admired.

It is a straightforward build, however I strongly recommend paying extra attention to getting the joints exactly square (I didn't, and spent a lot of time filling, filing and sanding), and optimising the 3mm rod.

The basic kit is quite basic, but you can seperately buy all the accessories to make it as complex as you think fit.







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There is no "failing".

The two goals here are to showcase peoples' work, and to encourage people to try their hand at modifications, kit building and scratch building.

Oh, and the third goal, to get stuff finished and out of the way.

Love the Flatliner, and can't wait to see the Standen T3 finished.


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Chris, I too have the same problem, several much smaller projects to try and finish, just work gets in the way.

I guess you were somewhere in Asia? I flew out of Osaka, Japan the Sunday before super typhoon Jebi hit. Was watching BBC news of the tanker into the bridge and flooded hotel and airport, where I'd been in a beautiful, sunny mid 30 degrees just days before. Not sure Osaka Kansai airport is fully open yet to international flights.

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As the year draws to an end I'll have to admit complete defeat with regards to this challenge. The two I chose where the Unimog Snowblower and a Houghton Parkhouse livestock trailer. Though the blower is now tantalisingly close to complete the trailer is no further along than at the start! 



Still I got the first leg of a diorama that I am completely happy with done, so its not all bad!


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1 hour ago, 844john said:

A little group picture of the last few months work, most of which is finished.....ish;)


Every one is superb john, absolutely first class work. However I'm slightly comcerned, are you feeling alright? There is a fair batch of models there and you've openly admitted they are finished. :D  

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