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Custom 1/64 sugar cane hauler

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Was driving through Southern Louisiana this week for work, and saw this nifty sugar cane hauling rig someone had built out of a dump cart and a Case IH 4wd. I wish I had gotten pictures, but it looked like the tractor had been stretched about 8-10 feet and a dump cart body bolted above the rear drive axle. So now I'm thinking about building something similar for my collection using a Versatile 950 and a richardton dump cart. Anyone ever built something like this? I bet it would look nice next to a IH Austoft 8800 cane harvester!


GS Richardton wagon.jpg


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Got my 3 Versatile 950's and dump carts in the mail today, along with a Case IH Austoft 8800 Cane Harvester. The color match between the tractors and dump carts is near perfect, so it should save me a lot of painting! The tractors have the same wheel width as the harvester so that works out great for stradling the rows. Unfortunately the dump cart axle is far too wide in order to accommodate the tires, so it looks like Plan B is mounting the rear wheels behind the dump cart body, kind of like the Tournahaulers they used in Hawaii. Heres a mock up of what it will look like roughly once I get the frame built.....





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