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Massey Harris Binder

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Horse Drawn Binder

 Ever since I saw Techno Bygg binder kit I knew I wanted one but soon realised this kit was no longer available and the only way was to try and build one myself, well a representation of one.

I’m not one of those persons who can draw things out before building, it’s more a case of making it up as I went along.  I had a few basic measurements and photographs of one in action at Greyabbey last August.



The model is basically of plasticard construction with some brass.  I was very lucky it getting some parts from Cenfyn Davies which made a big difference.

So here is the process.





I used parts of a latex glove for the canvas conveyor belts. 



 I’ve painted parts of the model Massey red and it's waiting a second coat.

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Thanks for the kind comments. the model is finished accept to tone down the paintwork and attach chains for the horses.



Keeping up to date with the changing times a drawbar is available so that one of those newfangled tractors can be used to pull the binder.



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