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Exactly what I was going to say...... ;)

Lovely model that Ford is Paul...... :);)

One day it will go to it's rightfull owner :o :o My Dad used a silver 78 for 5years from brand new ;) ;) One day a few years later he said 'it's a pity you can't get a model one' that's my first conversion  :o :o

Look what that got me into ::) ::)::) ::)

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A) Name your price for the 7810.Sorry can't sell it ! not really mine to sell

B) what chance of doing a run of those for the 2006 FTF model?If I didn't have a full time job i'd consider it but there's just not enough hour's in a day

Awesome stuff as usual Paul. Well done.Thanks for your complements Stan ;) ;)

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