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Larrington Gulwing Box Loader Trailer

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This has been my Christmas present project.  I have converted a UH Joskin Bale Trailer into a Larrington Gulwing Box Loader  (http://www.larringtontrailers.com/site/Products/Box-Loading-Trailers/Gull-Wing)

It is now pretty much finished, just need to add decals.  

The front wheels from the Joskin trailer will become a Larrington dolly, so two conversions for the price of one, haha.  





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5 hours ago, Fenside MF said:

brilliant conversion build,looks a good base model to use,i bet its got some nice suspension and brake detail underneath.will keep an eye out for a cheap one.

Yes the model is actually great quality, I felt a little bad about chopping into it.  The conversion was easier than I expected as I was able to use the majority of the mounts and parts from the Joskin trailer.  

One of the benefits of living so close to China is that I can get some models before shipping costs and taxes have been applied.  So the trailer was about £30.  

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