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Ford 3000 kit.

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Model painted only part missing is the headlights, any suggestions on what to use to replicate the lights?





Anyone a suggestion on how to 'cap' the front wheels to stop them falling off, the axle is 3 mm diameter?



Overall my impression of the Autodrome kit is disappointment.  The kit is expensive and has few parts especially compared to a Scaledown kit and the very wide wheels do not seem to be pro-typical of UK tractors. It is very easy to build but the rivets used to connect moving parts are not something manufactured for the kit but steel panel pins.

Unless it was a model I could not get elsewhere (as in the Ford 3000 case) I am unlikely to get another Autodrome kit.  Still on the look out for replacement wheels.



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It's a shame you aren't over the moon with the kit Kieran, especially as they aren't cheap, but I can see where you are coming from, perhaps if you found a set of those massey wheels it would alter the model. You've done a good job of putting it together. Just a thought on the unidentified part you asked about, it isn't one of the independant brake pedals is it? If you search for "rhinestones" on ebay It will bring up the chrysalis like john said. 

Thanks for showing us your buid, it has made me consider getting one. 

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Well done on the build. It has been enjoyable to watch.

I'm with Martin in that I think I'll be getting one. I've been pondering it for years but now that I see one in the flesh (and as I'm just finishing some SCALEdowns) I think it's a model worth having in the collection - for all its flaws.

If you get a chance, I'd love to see it alongside similiar models from other makers. MF35 & 135 in particular (if you have them).



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