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Massey Ferguson 6170

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I made a few modifications to my MF6170,   started by spraying the roof silver, painted grill surround silver.   Then sprayed front wheels sapphire grey. 

I changed the original rear wheels which I felt the centre dish was set too far in from the wheels rim!!    So looking around I noticed Claas tractors of the same era shared the same wheels as Massey, probably because both manufacturers are based in France.    I bought an UH Claas 657 firstly but chose to put those on my MF3080 instead,  and then bought a Siku Claas 697 which has the perfect rims for the 6170 although I had to find more detailed tyres to make it look right.  Sprayed the wheels Sapphire grey.

Added a 1998 "R" reg plate,  a chain round the front weight and painted the exhaust top a nice rusty brown:D



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